In Australia we do not get Diwali breaks but we still tend to celebrate it with full throttle. Diwali coincides with one of the national holidays so we get the other day after Diwali off. This Diwali I had planned to call all my office colleagues and school friends to a large diwali party in my garage and backyard area.  Any occasion feels incomplete without good food and to sponsor such good food we always have Menulog promo codes on SuperSaverMama 

Menulog has always been my life saver when it comes to buying fresh and organic meals. I always login to the online store of Menulog for trying out new recipes and new dish ideas. For Diwali I had ordered caterer to take care of all the cooking and dishes. At the very last hour before Diwali my caterer told me that he had been able to complete half of the menu tasks and would not be able to continue for the other dishes. I was struck with horror and had no idea as to who will be helping me in this eleventh hour and that also one day before Diwali!



My mom calmed me down as I was going hysterical and told me to contact Menulog maybe they might have a solution for my problem. I logged in to their online store. I found out that they would be delivering urgent orders to their customers in half an hour time. It was a sigh of relief for me. I ordered the rest of my grocery for the half of the other menu that was left behind by my caterer. Thanks to the codes I was able to avail some really good menus. Menulog itself furnished me with a gracious discounts which I used heartily for all my dessert options.

The food was supposed to reach at my place till 8 with the Menulog coupon codes and I had to end up my cooking till 10 or 11 maximum so that I could concentrate on getting ready for the morning Diwali rituals and religious prayers. With all the power I had I started cooking the half meal and I guess I was done an hour early, due to the simple and easy steps given by Menulog for their menu.

After the guests left on the night of Diwali I wrote a special thank you note and a very good review for Menulog as they had really saved my Diwali occasion.



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